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22 May

1.1 Background

        English language is an international language which necessitated nowadays necessary of language was raising. Ability in spoken english language more and more prosecuted, especially for welcome to era globalisation. In addition many assumption that learning some language will be easy if teachable to young early childerns . This is made a parents want to give a lesson of english language in early to their childerns.
        The fact that a parents want to English lesson doing to their childerns starts from early age is the lesson in plsygroup which a children in age 3-5 years, they belief give the education of english language to playgroup are good, because it ussualy the institute be able to convey a appropriate material education to children with use a interesting methods.
        Lesson of English language at early age children comprise a Introduction of vocabulary, Greeting, and Pronounciation. For that, important for instructure to using a interestingly to take an attention and no made a children bored or tired.
Usually they choose a toys, song, and film as a media. Be sides it the instructor using a reading book too, reading books with english language is one of media for used. So it can help the children learn english
With accustomed read a word of english.
        the children’s brain will be learn and recorded information in the time , because of reading a book more consuct which able to build a motivation for children in learning english language, because of that a research be needeed to know characteristic on play group on increasing their capability in learning english language.
        Related with explanation in the top, it will research authority of small vocabulary on a little in playgroup, and how much they ability in spoken english and the factors which Influenced the children. ( As a subject ).


Save My Soul °Chord°

7 May


Int: E – Bm – F#m – E
E                                      Bm
Now I’m sitting here in the corner of my room
F#m                                    E
Staring through the window watching the sun goes down
And the shadows starts to creep across the floor
In this loneliness I’m crying in my bed
And the rain begins to fall down on me
As the sadness grows deep in inside of me
And I feel a little insecure right now
I am crawling looking for a place to hide
E                           C#m
So where have all my lights gone?
A                   E
For I need to find a way out of here
E                             C#m
In my every breath I am chanting your name
D                       E
Give me strength so I can save my soul…
My mind keeps telling me to hold on
And it says I have to be a real man
I’m still wondering if I’ll ever find my way
That leads me to your light, into your grace
So where have all my lights gone?

{ Song by : Padi }
For I need to find a way out of here
In my every breath I am chanting your name
With my every breath I’m hoping

I can find the way to save my soul….