Final Examination ( Contra )

23 Apr

How important examination for us ?

It be a real enemy for some people, we all ever passed it. As we know that the Final Examination is scariest thing every year in Indonesia especiall, so far the final examination is some test evaluated after all lesson in school, “Final Examination is part of educational system for reach a standart and simillaritily of education quality in Indonesia” (Wikipedia, UN” Paraghrap 1,)

but though examination held by government, the real purpose of final of examination is to make government more easy to control indinesian students, not all student in Indonesia get a same teaching

The government wish that in this final examination also, can increase some national standarts education. But the fact examination only be a bad condition for student, they’re panic, stress, be sensitive, sadness for the worse thing they never want, difficulty for sleep for past the Final Examination. Even it could be a scary thing and big experience for their life after that. The final examination is one of sample in our life, we’ll start to thing that ” we must have target to make the future better”


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