° Final Examination ( Contra )

23 Apr

*How important examination for us ? It might be a real enemy for some people, and certainly that is an unforgettable experience when we passed it.
As we know the Final Examination impress an scariest thing every year, especially in Indonesia.
Final examination some evaluated test after all lesson at the school was end, the Final Examination is part of educational system for reach a standart & similarity of education quality in a country like Indonesia, although examination held by government, the real purpose of final of examination is to make government more easy for control Indonesian students, but the real condition in every student in Indonesia did not obtain a same method on their class, it’s why the final examination always find many obstacle in the year of the year.

The government wish that on every final examination they be able to increase some national standarts education in Indonesia. But the fact examination only be a bad condition for student, they’re panic, stress, be sensitive, and sadness for the worse thing they never want, in addition they’re feel suppressed, the student can be difficulty for sleep and think about it all day. They scare for many reason which related with Final Examination.

If the condition is constantly going, it might be make the student depression to their test, many case which related of final examination. A little bit impact of this exam it there was a student had to killed themself and ended their life, It’s the only they were failed in a Final Examination.
We certainly won’t to do the same thing and past a Final Examination with fail. Perhaps it could be a scary thing and big experience for their life after, Although the final examination just a stage in our study, as long as many people depression of it, and make a silly action of it; are we still defend a Final Examination. It should not !


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    041111021 Writing III

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