The Story Of Aladdin ( Narrativ Teks )

2 Apr


Once upon a time there is a poor man who lived with her mother in little house, his called by Aladdin. Aladdin worked to his uncle, his uncle took Aladdin for work together. Aladdin walked by milles to find a cave, after walked so long they find a big cave. They don’t know ift he cave was full of gold.  Aladdin’s uncle ask Aladdin to do entering a cave and bring anything who precious to him, because his uncle wont entering the cave.

With slowly Aladdin entering the cave and he so surprised when he find the cave with diamond, gold, jewelery and many thing riches. Aladdin gettering as he can take from the cave while his uncle shouted Aladdin to go up and give him a riches thing and a lamp ? his uncle was angry and left him with no way to out from cave. Its was a bad situations. Aladdin just sat and lean on stone in the cave with millions jewelery and golds, he don’t know what should he do, suddenly Aladdin saw the old antique lamp look like made from gold, he took the lamp and cleaning it with his hand, but its unbelievable  came a Genie, Alladin speechless like he no believe with his eyes.  “ I’ll give you three wishes ” the Genie said.

Then Alladin ask to bring him back to home and its no take along time Aladdin  back home, after one wishes, Aladdin ask to Genie to make him and her mother become a rich.  Again the Genie granted Aladin wishes.

One day Aladin fallen in love with sultan daughter, he went to the palace to ask for marry sultan’s daughter. Its luckly because Sultan give permission to Aladdin to marrying his daughter. After marriage Aladdin tell to the princess about his magic lamp and give the princes anything she want, since Sultan died, Aladdin being a king for replace him,  this news heared by Aladdin’s uncle he had know that Aladdin richs cause the magic lamp and he want to get the same lamp. Aladdin uncle came to the palace and stolen the lamp, Aladdin uncle wipe the lamp and ask to Genie for take away Aladdin from here, then the Gennie agreed,  the princess so sad about that and try to run out, but Aladdin uncle send her to the prison

But some day Aladdin is back to the palace, Aladin stolen his lamp and release princess then they asked the Genie of the lamp to take back their kingdom,  the Genie agreed with Aladdin wishes and then  everything being a more better, Aladdin happily ever after with princess and his uncle was killed by his selves mistake      -End


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