hortatory example

12 Dec
  1. Wacth our kids while Browsing Internet
          Internet is one of important devices in the student  world. Because almost of student knowledge get from the internet. We can find many internet cafes anywhere. As parents, we must know what our children are browsing in the internet, because the internet have some negative impact to our children .
         In our observation internet have some positive and some negative impact. In the positive impact, we know that student can find their task from their teacher in the internet, we can get some news when browsing the internet.
           But in the other side,  the internet also have  negative impact , such as they can open pornography site, game online and other programs that can make their mark bad in the school.And then, too much browsing internet can endangered their eyes.Image

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  1. ineungu December 12, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    i hope

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