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Definisi Spoof

13 Dec


Disebutkan dalam Cambridge Advance Learner’s Dictionary Online, ada dua makna spoof. Pertama, sebagai kata benda, spoof bermakna, “a funny and silly piece of writing, music, theatre, etc. that copies the style of an original work”. Sedang kedua, spoof sebagai kata kerja, bermakna, to try to make someone believe in something that is not true, as a joke.”

Dari kedua arti spoof di atas, dapat disimpulkan bahwa pengertian spoof text adalah sebuah teks yang berisi tentang humor meski sebagian teksnya sudah dimodifikasi dari aslinya.

Generic Structure (Susunan umum) dalam spoof text adalah :
  1. Orientation, berisi pengenalan tokoh, latar, setting dll.
  2. Events, berisi peristiwa atau kejadian
  3. Twist, ending cerita (akhir cerita yang dianggap lucu, kadang tidak terduga)

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A man got into a train and found himself sitting opposite a woman who seemed to be about thirty-five years old. Soon they began talking to each other, and he said to her, “Do you have a family?”

“Yes, i have one soon, “ the woman answered.

“ Oh really ?” said the man. “ Does he smoke?”

“No, he’s never touched a cigarette,” the woman replied.

“ That’s good, “ the man continued. “ i don’t smoke either. Tobacco is very bad for one’s health. And does you son drink wine ?”

“ Oh, no.” The woman answered at once, “ he’s never drunk a drop of it.”

“Then i congratulate you, Ma’am,” the man said. “And does he ever come home late at night ?”

“No, ever”, his neighbour answered. “He goes to bed immadiately after dinner every night.”

“Well,” the man said,”he’s wise young man. How old is he?”

“He’s six month old today, “ the woman replied proudly


( HORTATORY ) Be Awere of the Human Causes of Global Warming

13 Dec
Image Global warming was a serious condition that effects our planet.  It is important to be aware of the human causes of global warming.
While humans contribute a lot to global warming there are also natural ways in which global warming occurs.
For this example types of situations there is little that can be done to stop the global warming. We should keep our environtment keep eternal.
                In the other hand have the opportunity to save our world. Which the people can contribute to an increase in global warming. By simply limiting these activities, or reinventing how they are done, the planet can remain a healthier place for everyone to live with peacefull


12 Dec

Jacky Wong got married with Lia Wong. Both of them had a white skin and straight hair. They are really a well-matched couple.

One year later, Wong family got a new baby. A nurse brought them a son with curly hair and a black skin.
The nurse congratulated and said, “What name will you give to this son?”

With a confused face, Jacky Wong grumbled, “Sam Ting Wong!”

hortatory example

12 Dec
  1. Wacth our kids while Browsing Internet
          Internet is one of important devices in the student  world. Because almost of student knowledge get from the internet. We can find many internet cafes anywhere. As parents, we must know what our children are browsing in the internet, because the internet have some negative impact to our children .
         In our observation internet have some positive and some negative impact. In the positive impact, we know that student can find their task from their teacher in the internet, we can get some news when browsing the internet.
           But in the other side,  the internet also have  negative impact , such as they can open pornography site, game online and other programs that can make their mark bad in the school.And then, too much browsing internet can endangered their eyes.Image