There NOT there anymore ?

4 Oct

Recount teks Firliani

Last Monday I learn in my faculty floor 3,3 of art English on 15.30 pm then I sat in the back. I saw a boy, he have been make me greeted awe to see him,

It happened when I was late to came in class, I told my friend about what I see a moment it, but she didn’t care and she think that I’m crazy. For hours I watched his hair, it’s a little odd because I never seen he in this class, suddenly a window open and the wind filled my class, its too cold for a bright day, and that’s why I woke up of my muse a while. Till my dozen shout me and I don’t know why ? . He angry look at me and getting me out of class, people in class look at me its like they’re said  “ Oh masyaallah what you doing stupid, come on”

I waited till the class finish. And I tried to search the boy.. I saw in the back door that’s thing were not going very right, but I want to know ‘who is he’ and I surprised when I look the boy, its terrible “HE NOT THERE ANYMORE” I just think to my self that I saw a ghost ?

Really ? I mean a handsome ghost ? Since that’s happened to me I had never believed that I find it. In the end I know that the boy who I know was die on 2010 cause accident car


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